Bonedoc's House Concerts & Photography


Do you like ...
  • Acoustic guitar music?  Singer/songwriters?
  • Sitting close to performers?
  • Meeting the artist up close and personal?
  • A comfortable, safe, non-smoking place to hear great music?
... then you'll love a house concert

What to expect here ...
  • An acoustic singer/songwriter will perform in my house
  • Shows about once a month on Sunday afternoons
  • The expected crowd size is 20-40 people but I can accommodate more
  • A donation of $10-15 will be collected at the door,  all money goes directly to the artist
  • I will provide coffee and soft drinks (donations of $1-2 is appreciated)
  • Potluck deserts or snacks are welcome and appreciated
  • Reservations are not required but are helpful, just drop me an email or call
  • Please support the artists by buying their CDs if you like the music
  • We have a dog (a very cute and friendly Beagle named Taylor).  No cats (I'm allergic).
  • If you enjoyed it, please come back and bring a friend (or two)

A few house rules ...
  • This is a non-smoking house, you may smoke outside on the porch
  • Children are welcome, but please keep control of them
  • Please respect my house as you would your mother's (or better)
  • If bringing food, no pork or shellfish please --  if in doubt ask or just bring veggie

Info and directions
  • Address:  327 Ridgebriar Drive, Richardson, TX
  • Phone :     972-989-5166
  • Email:
  • Directions
    • From the south -- take 75 north, exit Campbell Road in Richardson, turn left on Campbell, then right at the first light onto N. Collins.  Go a little over 1 mile, past 2 stop signs (in a row), then take the next left onto Ridgebriar. #327.
    • From the north -- take 75 south, exit Renner Road in Richardson, turn right on Renner then left at the first light onto Renner Pkwy, this turns into N. Collins.  Go 7 short blocks and turn right onto Ridgebriar (before the first stop sign).  #327